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Which Will You Be?

Since March, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners has been faced with a proposal from the Parks and Recreation Department to limit the ability of concealed carry permit holders to lawfully carry a firearm in county parks.

This proposal has been deferred twice now, but will be up for discussion again this Tuesday night at the Government Center.

As of the previous meeting on April 2, County staff was asked to create different versions of the proposal based upon County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour’s proposed amendments to weaken the restrictions.

Commissioners instructed County Attorney Marvin Bethune to write three or four different proposals. They could:

• Approve Ridenhour’s amendment.

• Approve his amendment, but also restrict spectators from carrying concealed weapons at sporting events in county parks, as Dunlap suggested.

• Approve the county staff’s more restrictive proposal.

• Or let the state law govern the issue, with no restrictions on carrying concealed guns in parks. That was suggested by commissioner Karen Bentley, who has a permit to carry a concealed gun.

If you value your right to self-defense, it is imperative that you contact your County Commissioners and also attend the meeting on Tuesday. Preferably, register to speak.

Come out and defend the 2nd Amendment! Share this Facebook Event Invite with friends!

County Commissioner Contact information is found HERE.

Sign up to speak at the meeting by clicking HERE. (agenda number will be available Friday)

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