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Pittenger Wrong on Obamacare

Robert Pittenger addresses constituents at recent townhall forums.

Robert Pittenger addresses constituents at recent townhall forums.

With respect to my long time friend Congressman Robert Pittenger, on whose advisory committee I served during his election to Congress, he is dead wrong in his arguments for voting to fund Obamacare. The Congressman argues that mandatory monies will go to Obamacare anyway…as if the additional money he plans to vote for in a Continuing Resolution will not tremendously harm the country.

Robert’s argument that “critical services” would be cut and that our servicemen would be “left to worry” about their paycheck shows perhaps he is casting a blind eye to the damage he will cause by throwing money into this monstrosity. Surely he has considered the galaxy of jobs that will be lost by implementing this boondoggle, or the skyrocketing premiums that we’re already seeing in places like California and Ohio because of it.

In a poll two weeks ago in the News and Observer, 57% of North Carolina Republicans wanted Obamacare defunded, even if that meant shutting down the government. The NC Republican Party this year passed a resolution calling for Obamacare to be defunded.

Robert, and now I will add you Senator Richard Burr, when you say you won’t vote to defund Obamacare in a continuing resolution, you are at odds with your State Party, your National Party, the majority of Republicans in North Carolina, and last but not least you are at odds with the US Constitution.

The world won’t end if the federal government shuts down. State and local government will keep providing vital services like police, fire, and schools. And most veterans I know don’t want candy from the government. They want the Constitution preserved. Obamacare destroys the Constitution. You don’t cure a headache by drinking a bottle of cyanide. Obamacare is cyanide to the American economy.

Robert and Richard, there’s still time to change your mind and get this right. Remember your oath. You must stop Obamacare dead in its tracks. Defund it now.

Lynn Wheeler

Former Mayor Pro Tem

City of Charlotte

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