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Howard Fineman, Remember My Name


Howard Fineman titles his article “How Conservatives Cooked A Blue Meth GOP.” The GOP is Heisenberg in Howard Fineman’s world. That means the GOP opponents are rogue government agents and neo-nazis. Fineman should agree agree with Senator Cruz then, or maybe he should actually understand Breaking Bad. In that show, a parent is trying to give money to their family while the government and Nazi’s try to take it from his kids. That sounds like what many American’s think of Obamacare today.

Another fantasy in Fineman’s world, is this: “The party of Dwight Eisenhower — of Scotch and soda and sotto voce — is all but extinct.”

It never existed Mr. Fineman. President Eisenhower was a right winger all day. A Cold Warrior and a staunch defender of the southern border (Operation Wetback– that’s the real name). In fact, it was President Eisenhower who made the Domino theory, something Democrats took control of and screwed up with Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs just for openers. Eisenhower accelerated the Space Race, Democrats opposed it under Reagan and under President Obama they gutted NASA and turned it into a pro-Muslim public relations firm. (Do we invoke the separation of church and state myths here?)

Eisenhower also devised the strategy of ICBMs, B-52s and Submarine based nuclear weapons. Democrats opposed that. Eisenhower helped restore the Shah of Iran over a communist leader and the west grabbed some oil in the bargain. I guess Howard Fineman misses that  stuff too. Or, he leaves it out of his narrative, because facts are inconvenient truths to the modern journalist sophisticate class.

Eisenhower also signed into law the first real civil rights acts of 1957 and 1960, without which, President Lyndon Johnson would have no legacy to speak of. It’s an amazing story, considering Johnson gutted the 1957 act, robbing minorities of their freedom for ten years, until he was President. President Kennedy also voted against the 1957 Civil Rights act. His later desegregation policies were carbon copies of the Republican policies he opposed a decade earlier.

It’s worth noting the Democrats walked away from the black voter here. They tried to disguise it, but take note because they walk away from more Americans later.

Fineman also has this bold text: “1968-72: The Southern Strategy.” He follows with the Maddowesque revisionism that typifies the affirmations needed by the MSNBC-dependent. He delves into the whole “Republicans scared southern white people into voting.”

Howard Fineman is mistaken here. Republicans won the south way before Nixon. It was under… drum-roll please… President Eisenhower in 1956. I guess Howard Fineman forgot to cook that up.

Republicans were already winning in the Democrat’s “Solid South” at local levels all throughout the 50’s. Nevermind that the entire “Southern Strategy” comes from an original David Brock-type liberal who now is on NPR and PBS. Also, the list of real elected segregationists is largely Democrat, all the way through 1968.

The fact is, the Democrat party needed something wholesome, so civil rights became convenient. The south no longer wanted the party of abortion, high taxes, sexual promiscuity, recreational drug use and hostility toward the nuclear family. The Democrat party had embraced the Abortion strategy and from that moment forward, the drug celebrating liberals aborted traditional Americans and proceeded to call all who opposed them racists because now, civil rights were convenient.

It’s no coincidence that government programs largely displaced the black father from his family, a condition we struggle with today. The nuclear family was reviled by the left as an institution of oppression and they visited their wrath upon the poor who could not resist their agenda.

Having abandoned the southern middle-class, they erupted in a frenzy when these folks joined Ronald Reagan two decades later. How dare you abandoned democrats look for a voice with your oppressive nuclear families and your jingoistic patriotism. In their fury, Democrats spent the 80’s defending communism, trying to burn the flag and sending mom off to work. And raising taxes.

Now the Democrats who have largely abandoned the American nuclear family for financial gain, tell us that Obamacare, who’s marketing is the real blue meth, is good for us. That’s about as true as Howard Fineman’s journalism.

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