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Quick Facts: The Horde vs. The Productive


If you add up the following people:

  • Americans receiving means-tested federal benefits (108,592,000)
  • Americans who work full time for the US government (21,880,000)
  • Americans who work full time for the state governments (7,558,000)

You get 138,030,000 or 138 million.

Subtracting the government employees above, there are 72,278,000 full time workers in the US.

That’s 138 million whose livelihood is based on the US government’s continued largesse.

And 72 million who potentially would like to see government reduced.  I say potentially because this number includes people who will vote WITH the folks above.

Still think you can out vote these people? 

Read this:  There Is Only ONE Peaceful Path Left To Avoid Destruction (link:




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