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Share Your Obamacare Horror Story


Well, it’s official folks.

The healthcare exchanges created by the mistitled “Affordable Healthcare Act” (AKA Obamacare) have now gone live on the InterWebs.  Well, sort of.

Apparently our government knows as much about running a website as they do about running healthcare.

I’ve noticed the past two days that friends of mine in social media land are sharing some of their horror stories.  Rates are skyrocketing, plans are being eliminated or dramatically changed, general chaos has ensued.

Here is one example from a friend in Charlotte.

obamacareFor roughly the same coverage, his monthly cost is going from $128.50 to $314.08.  That’s nearly $200 more per month for you mathematically disinclined.

In other words, not so affordable after all.

I’d love to collect a compendium of your personal Obamacare related stories.  What have your rates been increased to?  Have you even been able to get through on the website yet?  Are you, like me, opting to pay the penalty and keep these exchanges at arms length?

It’s time to tell your story.  Leave us a comment below.

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