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The Lesser Evil Fallacy


politics-evilShawn Dow with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership will be hosting a political leadership class in Concord, NC on May 9. His training is being sponsored by the Cabarrus Conservative Alliance, though there is still a minor cost to attend. You can learn more and register by clicking HERE.

The Foundation regularly sends out some pretty interesting reading via their email list.  The most recent is by Shawn Dow.  I wanted to share.


One of the things I love about politics is that we get to talk about uncomfortable things. And this email is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

I’m sure by now you have heard some of the big lies in life:

“The check is in the mail.”
“You can keep your insurance.”
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

But the biggest lie, the greatest myth in politics which is used to separate the election season from the legislative season is this:

“Good people are obligated to support the lesser of two evils.”

Is it True?

There are four reasons why I don’t think it is true at all.

#1 – Even the so-called “lesser evil” is still evil.

This is a blatant lie. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and what kind of a leader will you be when you ask your friends to support evil?

#2 – It rewards bad behavior.

Do you remember potty training your children?

Imagine how your house would smell if your child had to go potty, and when he peed in his pants, you rewarded him with a lollipop.

That is essentially what we are doing by rewarding politicians for their bad behavior.

By rewarding the “lesser evil” with your support — even if those politicians voted wrong on your issues — is just as dumb as rewarding your kids with unlimited lollipops when they pee in their pants instead of in the potty.

#3 – It demoralizes good people.

Telling good people it’s their “Christian duty” to vote for the “lesser evil” is the reason why so many principled voters are demoralized.

This lie is why you hear things like, “there is no difference between the parties.”

This lie is the reason non-voting is on the rise.

#4 – It’s not even true!

In most cases, the “lesser evil” is the greater danger to liberty and freedom.

The Liberty movement began when Obama was elected. Why? Because we knew he was an absolute danger to our liberty and freedom.

Would there still be such a movement if Romney or McCain had been elected?

Obama is the greater danger no doubt, but he is also the reason so many people stood up and started to fight back and stand up for liberty.

Here are some tough questions I want you to ask yourself:

  • Where were you when Bush expanded Medicaid or pushed for the Patriot Act?
  • Where were you when Bush pushed for the bailouts?
  • Were you like me — sitting on your couch yelling at the TV?

Socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth and spying on innocent Americans are a direct attack on the American way of life…but only if Obama does it?

Why were most Republicans silent and compliant when Bush did the same thing?

Here is a tougher question: Where were you when Bush did it?

You Want Me to Vote for Obama?

I understand that many people can’t bring themselves to vote for the “greater evil” for the most powerful position in the world. But why do you fall for the biggest lie, the greatest myth in politics — for congressional candidates, state representatives and even city council members?

Arizona’s Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, pushed and passed Obamacare in my home state.

Most Republicans sat silent. Even the TEA Party groups said nothing because they thought Jan Brewer was one of us. Why? Because she wasn’t as “evil” as our last governor, Janet Napolitano.

Again, we fell for the “lesser-of-two-evils” line in Brewer’s election. The result was silence as Republicans passed socialized medicine and then Brewer’s billion dollar tax increase.

And today in Ohio, Republican Governor Kasich is pushing Obamacare in his state budget…costing the tax payers of this country billions of dollars.

But the TEA Party is silent because Kasich is telling them, “Washington D.C. is broken and can’t fix the problem.”

His solution is NOT to stop taking money from Washington.

No, his solution is to have a dangerous Constitutional Convention to pass a balanced budget amendment.

The so-called “lesser evil” is really the greater threat to our liberty
. Why?

  • Because a politician like Kasich won’t balance his own state’s budget.
  • Because he won’t say “no thanks” to money from Washington D.C.
  • Because “conservative Republicans” believe Kasich is one of us, we give him a pass on his bad behavior because he’s on team “R”. Yet we are up in arms about the same bad behavior from Obama.

Would You Please Remove this Knife from My Back?

Look at how many times we have bled for the lesser of two evils and they end up doing more damage to us than their opponents.

I expect to bleed doing battle against my enemies. We even give awards and medals for doing battle with them.

But, when we are stabbed in the back by our own side? Most Republicans will sit in silence and do nothing. Do we get up in arms about those attacks and betrayals?

We cannot fall for the lie that we must support the lesser of two evils. Instead, I suggest to you that Obama was the better choice for our Republic because he set off the greatest push towards liberty in my lifetime.

If McCain or Romney Had Won Do You Really Think…?

  • The TEA Party would have sprung up everywhere?
  • Rand Paul or Mike Lee would have won their Senate seats?
  • The GOP would have taken back the House and Senate?

Would a Romney Administration have been much different than the Obama Administration? Based on his record as Governor of Massachusetts, I can say with metaphysical certainty that there would not be much difference in the deficit and overall spending.

So, if Obama caused the Liberty Movement to explode in numbers and influence, doesn’t this prove the lesser-of-two-evils argument is a blatant lie?

That old saying is true: It is always darkest before the dawn.

The dawn is rising and liberty is coming. And it was not the lesser-of-two-evils argument that got us here.

One of my favorite elected officials summed it up best for me. Representative Ron Hood from Ohio said:

“It’s not the devil with horns I fear, I know to stay away from him.
It’s the one wearing a suit and quoting scripture that I’m afraid of.”

It is time to start holding politicians accountable for their bad behavior in the legislative season.

It is time to stop rewarding politicians’ bad behavior with re-election.

The best way I know to do this is by bringing your friends to a FACL Leadership School. It is how I learned to make a difference in my state and all across the country.

The FACL training transformed me from making no difference by yelling at my TV to becoming an effective activist that politicians fear.


Shawn Dow

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