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Kayser Sosa is the pen name for an anonymous, nobody political hack and economics junkie who wasn't born in North Carolina but got here as fast as he could. With zero qualifications and lacking any formal education, or even any notable achievements, Kayser happily and simply attempts to hammer the reader with humor, sarcasm, and good old Southern "bless your heart" common sense. Dismantling the narrative that complicated topics are the sole jurisdiction of the edumacated, he believes regular folks need to know they're being enslaved by their own ignorance and personal belief systems. He enjoys making elitists, snobs, hypocrites, liars, thieves, beggars and fools look stupid at every turn. Kayser is a former US Marine grunt, Oathkeeper, Life Member of the NRA, and believes the GOP and their Wall Street bankster cronies should burn in hell while the Democrats and their union thug bosses should be stripped naked, coated with honey and salt, and chained back-to-back to a bunch of stout trees in the Pisgah National Forest long about the dog days of summer. He also enjoys an occasional snort of Kentucky straight bourbons next to a campfire, bow hunting, raising chickens, and was the founder and operator of the political and economic blog "Lunchtime Leftovers" until he got lazy and closed it down. He's a hardcore believer in the Rule of Law, Private Property Rights, Faith in Contracts, Zero Deficit Spending, along with the end of Fractional Reserve Banking, the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the 14th, 16th, and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution, and run-on sentences. Kayser loves God, his wife, his family, his dogs, and he's too old and give out to pick a fight with. He's just as likely to shoot you instead or offer you a drink. Ultimately he's glad to be here at Pundit House and hopes you enjoy his drivel.

National Firearm Registration and Disarmament Just Became a Reality

Today, US Secretary of State John Kerry signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  It now goes to the US Senate for ratification.  It will pass. In response to the NRA and other critics who say this treaty will lead to national gun registration, and the possible disarming of Americans, Kerry was quoted on Reuters […]

September 26, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

Time to Take the AR-15 Away from the Military and Law Enforcement

Here we go again.  But this time around we have an interesting twist to the “Why does anyone need an AR-15?” argument. From the Daily Mail: “It emerged today that Alexis used three weapons in yesterday’s shooting: a shotgun he is believed to have brought to Navy Yard with him, and two more weapons that officers believe he […]

September 17, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

On Syria: To Bomb or Not to Bomb?

The Syrian government is at war with a rebel force who’s intent is to overthrow the government. The rebels are aligned with, and getting support from, Al-Qaeda.  This is not in is dispute by anyone. Someone used chemical weapons to kill a bunch of civilians in Syria. We don’t know if it was the government, […]

August 28, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,National | Read More »

A Miracle By Any Other Name

*Editors note: A heartfelt congratulations to Kayser! We appreciate him sharing this non-political, yet most exciting bit of personal news.  We know a lot of readers enjoy his columns with us and we figured a little human interest story wouldn’t hurt anybody. 🙂 As many of my friends and colleagues know, following a miscarriage in […]

July 3, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,Kayser Sosa | Read More »

What Can We Learn About Ourselves From Drug Dealers?

More than you think. Ask yourself this: Why do drug dealers beat, shoot, kill or otherwise harm their customers, suppliers, and competitors when they disagree? Some say it’s because they don’t know any better. Others will say it’s because they’re all low life, no good <insert your favorite racial slur here>. I disagree. Regardless of […]

June 7, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

Cyprus Banksters And Russian Gangsters

In case you haven’t heard the small island nation of Cyprus has the world’s attention this week.   In a word, it’s a mess.  A big, historic mess. Why historic?  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we need to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what could happen; and then take some guesses […]

March 22, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,National | Read More »

Madness Abounds Here and Abroad

Marijuana. Bankers’ money. Guns. WHO do these three things have in common? Well, I can think of one person: The President. Obama has admitted he smoked marijuana habitually (“regularly” is the word he uses) as a teen, he’s accepted millions in campaign donations from the financial services industry, and, while being protected 24/7 by men […]

March 17, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,National | Read More »

GovCo’s Wars On Poverty, Fat, Lesbians and Zombies

“This year, for the first time in the history of the world, more people will die from too much food than from too little food. More people will die from the effects of obesity than from starvation, and we’ve got to do something about this.” – NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, defending his ban on sugary […]

March 13, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

US Government: Overthrown

The Obama Administration, via congressional testimony by the nation’s top cop, publicly made it clear this week to the US Senate, the American people, and our partners and allies around the world that they believe the Rule of Law no longer applies in the United States of America. In my uneducated and oft ill-informed opinion, […]

March 8, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,National | Read More »

America’s Problems Require A Moral People

Two articles are out today that would make me laugh if the stakes weren’t so high. From Reuters we get this: President Barack Obama must work with a deeply skeptical partner as he tries to undo painful spending cuts and set U.S. finances on a more sustainable course: the liberal wing of his own party. While Republicans have […]

March 6, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

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