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How To Commit Murder Using the Internet and OPM

There are three technologies in use today most people have never heard of that can change the world forever in the literal blink of an eye. They are: TOR, Bitcoin, and crowdfunding. TOR (pronounced ‘tore’) is a sophisticated, and largely successful, attempt at a completely anonymous Internet.  In light of recent news regarding identity theft, […]

November 25, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa | Read More »

A Miracle By Any Other Name

*Editors note: A heartfelt congratulations to Kayser! We appreciate him sharing this non-political, yet most exciting bit of personal news.  We know a lot of readers enjoy his columns with us and we figured a little human interest story wouldn’t hurt anybody. 🙂 As many of my friends and colleagues know, following a miscarriage in […]

July 3, 2013 | Posted in House Blends,Kayser Sosa | Read More »

What Can We Learn About Ourselves From Drug Dealers?

More than you think. Ask yourself this: Why do drug dealers beat, shoot, kill or otherwise harm their customers, suppliers, and competitors when they disagree? Some say it’s because they don’t know any better. Others will say it’s because they’re all low life, no good <insert your favorite racial slur here>. I disagree. Regardless of […]

June 7, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

GovCo’s Wars On Poverty, Fat, Lesbians and Zombies

“This year, for the first time in the history of the world, more people will die from too much food than from too little food. More people will die from the effects of obesity than from starvation, and we’ve got to do something about this.” – NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, defending his ban on sugary […]

March 13, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

America’s Problems Require A Moral People

Two articles are out today that would make me laugh if the stakes weren’t so high. From Reuters we get this: President Barack Obama must work with a deeply skeptical partner as he tries to undo painful spending cuts and set U.S. finances on a more sustainable course: the liberal wing of his own party. While Republicans have […]

March 6, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

A Political Speech You’ll Never Hear

In light of the self-inflicted implosion of the GOP, I offer them the following if they wish to ever win another election on my vote: “All people – NOT just Americans – possess from their Creator the liberty and freedom to DO, SAY, THINK, BELIEVE, POSSESS, OR CONSUME ANYTHING they want in PRIVACY AND IN […]

February 26, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

Cornering The Ammo Market

Even the local mainstream media can no longer ignore the shortage of ammunition that’s sweeping the nation. As demand soars in an environment of diminished supply, prices are following suit; they’re soaring to record, and in some cases obscene, levels. “We just didn’t see this coming,” said Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Gun and Coin […]

February 19, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

I Told You So (MERS)

Remember MERS? Remember how I’ve told you it destroyed over 300 years of land records in the US?  Remember how I told you it was owned by the largest banks? Remember how I said you may not own your house or may not be able to sell it? Remember how I kept asking why we […]

February 4, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

Game Changer‏

It’s not often a technology comes along that truly changes the course of human history.  Usually when we’re told “THIS” will change our lives it’s a sales pitch or someone hyping some gadget we don’t really need.  In my opinion, for example, the iPhone (and just about everything else with an “i” in front if […]

January 22, 2013 | Posted in Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

Republicans Lying Their Way Through The Debt Ceiling

According to a new presentation from the Bipartisan Policy Center, if Congress fails to increase the debt ceiling the US government will default on its debt somewhere around February 15th. Following that, the government would be forced to make payments based solely on revenue (tax payments). This is exactly what the Republicans in Congress SAY […]

January 9, 2013 | Posted in House Guests,Kayser Sosa,National | Read More »

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