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WWII Proves Media Danger to U.S. Today

World War Two would not have started without media corruption in Germany. Its most trusted broadcaster betrayed the public and became a tool of the government. His story offers every American a powerful insight into the role of media and methods of governing today. Will we heed this compelling lesson from history?

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Of Duct Tape, Honor, Brats, and Dreams

Back home in Charlotte! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post updates Thursday and Friday, but I had a bit of a technological problem in Tampa. Wednesday may have been my favorite day at the RNC. Wednesday morning the NC delegation was honored to have Sen. Marco Rubio speak during breakfast. He stressed that during […]

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Speeches, Rule Changes, and 3-hour Bus Rides

I’ve got to keep this one brief, as our delegation photo went a little long, and now we’re about to head to lunch. I’ll add more in a bit. Yesterday we boarded the buses at noon to take us over to Tampa, as the business session began at 2pm. Much of the time from 2pm-530pm […]

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And it begins!

It’s hard to believe how much has taken place, and it’s only Tuesday morning. I flew to Tampa on Friday to visit with my brother and his family (and got to see my four week old niece for the first time!) for the weekend, and then I arrived on Sunday at the NC delegation hotel […]

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Santorum Snags Wins, Not Much Else

Rick Santorum snagged a win this past weekend in Louisiana. He picked up less than a dozen delegates. Santorum recently said that voting for Mitt Romney was really the same as voting for Barack Obama and then decided it wasn’t. Santorum correctly points out that Romney is a seriously flawed candidate and given Romney’s crafting […]

March 26, 2012 | Posted in Uncategorized | Read More »

Prairie State Punch

With a decisive margin of victory in last night’s Illinois primary, Mitt Romney took one step closer to becoming the GOP nominee. But he still has huge gaps in his quest for the presidency. Evangelical Christians, Tea Party patriots, and those who describe themselves as very conservative are still not in his camp. Come November, […]

March 21, 2012 | Posted in Uncategorized | Read More »

Houston’s Death Sadly Predictable

Didn’t we just go through this a few months back? A relatively young woman graced with a tremendous voice, a huge amount of performing talent bestowed by G-d, who dies way before her time. Sadly, the Whitney Houston story is really the Amy Winehouse story, which was the story for so many before them, and […]

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Big Bucks For Beantown Freeloaders

Up here in Boston we know how much those filthy occu-poopers will cost us directly. The smelly crew of spoiled little rich kids and assorted union thugs who became urban campers taped we the people for about $1.5 million in Boston Police overtime. Fold that into the money that was spent providing free electricity to […]

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Saturday Night House Party

Uh-oh!! Looks like Mark left me in charge of tonight’s Saturday Night House Party.  Here’s a little sample from my current playlists of bands you’ve never heard of. 🙂 First up is Finland’s Stratovarius. This is “Hunting High and Low” off the album “Infinite”. Next up is a band I’ve played before, but they have […]

November 12, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | Read More »

NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge

Photos by: Glen Simmons Denny Hamlin’s No. 11 team hustles to take First Place at the annual NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge.

May 21, 2010 | Posted in Photos Not Featured,Uncategorized | Read More »

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