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With a decisive margin of victory in last night’s Illinois primary, Mitt Romney took one step closer to becoming the GOP nominee. But he still has huge gaps in his quest for the presidency. Evangelical Christians, Tea Party patriots, and those who describe themselves as very conservative are still not in his camp. Come November, I have a feeling that these groups will vote against Obama, which counts as a plus on the Romney side of the ledger should he advance as the GOP nominee.

However, Romney still can’t get support from the middle class and that is problematic. Many middle class voters went for Obama last time; and while they might not go for him again, they might just stay home. If Romney is to get them on his team he needs a vice president who speaks to them and their values. If Romney is the CEO then the VP needs to be the guy in the cubicle next to yours. Romney needs someone who is a scrapper, who knows how to punch. Allen West, Chris Christie, Michele Bachman, Rick Santorum or  Newt Gingrich as vice president could help Romney seal the deal in November.

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