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Obama’s Latest Threat To Israel


The latest threat from Barack Obama to the people of  Israel is that he will visit the Jewish state if he is re-elected. Obama has for the past three-and-a-half years proven to be the most virulently anti-Israel president in history. Just when you thought that Jimmy Carter’s vicious trashing of Israel and the Jewish people could not be surpassed, here comes the community organizer from Chicago.

What has been amazing to me as a Jewish man is the level of support that the American Jewish community has continued to provide for Obama. I am asked on a regular basis by non-Jews how it is possible for Jews to support not just the far left wing policies of the Democrat party, but also the clearly anti-Israel and perhaps even anti-semitic policies of Obama.  I wish I could provide an answer.

I do know that for many American Jews, Judaism as a religion has been co-opted by a belief in a secular progressive agenda. Sad but true. As for the Israeli people, here’s hoping that Americans in November will vote against their would-be visitor.


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