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Circumventing The MSM At Mom’s Place


I spent a wonderful week on vacation. I took my sons down to the land of my people…Florida. We stayed at my Mom’s place, lovingly dubbed Bubbe’s Boca Bunker. One of the good or bad things about staying so close to the Seinfelds in del Boca Vista, is that my Mom does not have any Internet access. Oh, she could get it if she wanted it, to be sure; but she’s with the Amish when it comes to that whole technology thing. So for a week I relied on printed newspapers.

The paper of record is the Sun-Sentinel out of Fort Lauderdale. It is your usual far left wing paper, happily serving up pro-Democrat propaganda for those who seek it. The other news source in Mom’s place, as it is for other 76-year-old widows, is the nightly network news. Most of us gave up on that sort of party pabulum a long time ago. It is fascinating to see what passes for news for some people, but even with all of that my Mom shared with me that she thinks Obama has been a flop.

However did she learn that in the face of the best spinning efforts of her main stream media sources? I wonder if she does have a secret computer somewhere.


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