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Free Lunch Double-Dip


There is a federal program which is up and running called the Summer Food Service Program for Children. It’s a relatively recent creation that is run around the country at various playgrounds, recreation centers, city operated swimming pools and the like. This program is described as one that fills in the blanks for kids who usually eat at school. So with school out, the logic goes, these kids would otherwise go hungry; so it kicks in during summers and provides breakfasts and lunches for anyone under the age of 18 who shows up.

Well, almost anyone; I’ve been told that in order to qualify for the free food, your family should be part of the SNAP program… the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – you know food stamps! So if I understand this correctly, children with mothers who get food stamps to feed them are able to send those kids to school without breakfast or lunch and they can now get the same double dip during the summer. Good thing too, because so many of those ladies need those bucks to get tattoos and manicures. Priorities, don’t you know.


The Jeff Katz Show, twice named Best Talk in Boston by the Associated Press, can be heard on or by downloading i heart radio.

Katz was the keynote speaker as the Greater Boston Tea Party held a Repeal Obamacare Rally earlier this week at Christopher Columbus Park on Boston Harbor.

“Remember that the issue is not really about access to health care, but rather about the blatant power grab by the government which will place a bureaucrat between you and your doctor,” Katz told the crowd. “The same guy who could not get a job at the Registry of Motor Vehicles may soon decide whether you should get a heart transplant.”

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