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Big Bucks For Beantown Freeloaders


Up here in Boston we know how much those filthy occu-poopers will cost us directly. The smelly crew of spoiled little rich kids and assorted union thugs who became urban campers taped we the people for about $1.5 million in Boston Police overtime. Fold that into the money that was spent providing free electricity to these pinheads, plus the hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up their disgusting mess and re-plant the park, and we’re talking more about two million bucks.

Remember that when Tea Party groups had events here in the city, reams of paperwork were filed. Every i had to be dotted and every t had to be crossed. The Tea Party spent thousands of dollars on insurance, bonds, filing fees, and paid for police details themselves. Despite the left wing media spin that somehow the Tea Party and Occupy movements are the same, nothing could be further from the truth. The Tea Party is about personal responsibility and Occupy celebrates temper tantrums. Just like the infants they channel, the occupiers don’t pay their own way.

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