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My Impending Xenophobia Diagnosis


It turns out a few US Senators have been meeting and drafting new legislation that would “solve” the illegal immigration problem in the US.

The Washington Post describes the group as “meeting quietly.” Others might call it “meeting in secret.”

So who are the quiet meeters? Six total – three from each party.

The Democrats: Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (IL), Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), and Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ). Interestingly, Menendez was on ABC this weekend and was never asked a single time about the underage hookers investigation.

But I digress.

The three Republicans:  Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), Sen. John McCain (AZ), and Sen. Marco Rubio (FL).

And remember – we can trust McCain on this topic:

So, with McCain and Graham in the don’t-call-them-secret meetings, I’m sure this NEW legislation will look nothing like the OLD legislation that went down in flames in 2005, leading to massive losses for the GOP in the 2006 election.


It’s important to note, Mitt Romney did not lose the 2012 election strictly because of the Latino vote. Don’t get me wrong. He lost it spectacularly – receiving 21% of latino voter support. But that’s not what cost him the race.

“Republicans have a major Latino problem, but it didn’t cost them the 2012 election.

According to a Fix review of election results, Mitt Romney would have needed to carry as much as 51 percent of the Hispanic vote in order to win the Electoral College — a number no Republican presidential candidate on record has been able to attain and isn’t really within the realm of possibility these days.”

Also, this time the GOP is dealing with an incumbent President of the opposing party who has repeatedly shown a propensity for using straw man arguments and demagoguery to attack people who disagree on policy.

So, the countdown to being a called racist xenohphobe begins…. right about… now.

In case you need some informational ammunition, here’s a video of Roy Beck from NumbersUSA discussing the immigration issue in a non-racist, xenophobic sort of way:


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