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Burned Alive


Well, the LAPD and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office have officially moved from the attempted murder of innocent citizens to actual murder of an unidentified, innocent citizen.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know that yesterday afternoon officers intentionally burned alive an unidentified human being they trapped inside a house without arrest, trial, conviction or sentencing.

There is no question their actions were intentional; police scanner audio is all over the Internet and was even broadcast live on television via a local news station where one officer says, “Fucking burn this motherfucker,” and then again demanded “burn that fucking house down.”

In another audio clip, officers discuss how they planned to burn the house as well as the actual order to carry out the execution (in other words, this is the admission of guilt):

“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” one officer says.

“Copy,” replies another.

“Like we talked about,” the first officer responds.

“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire.”

According to one source, “burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters which are known to start fires.

Now, considering the person in that cabin probably was Christopher Dorner, a natural reaction from a lot of folks will be along the lines of, “Good,” or, “He got what he deserved.” Really?

Be careful and thoughtful in how you respond to this story – we all help shape public opinion. The overseers of the police-state formerly referred to as the US are quite certainly very interested in how the public reacts to this case; they are counting on you to embrace their illegal, unconstitutional actions on the back of your well-meaning desire to see ‘justice’ done at any cost. Rest assured, letting no crisis go to waste, they will use this murder as a measure of far they can go and of what violations of your rights you will accept when push comes to shove.

Assuming the unidentified person in the cabin was Dorner (and if not, at least an American citizen) – however evil and regardless of the acts alleged – that now murdered person had God-given rights (as recognized and codified by the US Constitution) as well as… wait for it… the Rule of Law. With no room for argument or debate, those rights – including the right to life – were stripped away and destroyed by the State of California and the US government.

The police had the suspect pinned down, surrounded, and trapped inside a structure with no way out. All they had to do – all they were REQUIRED BY LAW to do – was wait it out and place the suspect under arrest. It doesn’t matter if took three days, three weeks, or even three months. Eventually any trapped person will run out of supplies and surrender to authorities. At which point those authorities are REQUIRED to arrest that person and turn the suspect over to the prosecutor’s office for indictment, trial, and if convicted, sentencing.

Instead, they plotted and then committed premeditated murder on a unidentified, innocent human being.

And, let’s not forget – the person in the cabin was NOT the owner of the cabin. Did the police ask the owner if burning it to the ground with a human inside was an acceptable use of their PRIVATE PROPERTY? Did the police consider the monetary damage they did (who would ever want to buy that lot where the cabin stood) to owner? Will the police compensate the owner for the full replacement cost of the cabin, the contents, and the pain and suffering they caused to the innocent owner of the property? We’ll probably never know.

Now don’t get me wrong, executing a convicted killer with a fifty-cent round against a concrete wall is fine by me – I don’t want to waste a dime of taxpayers’ money housing a convicted killer for a single day much less 40 or 50 years. If the person burned alive in that cabin was a convicted death-row convict who had escaped, then I’d be the first to say, “Damn right, he got what he deserved.” But this was an unidentified SUSPECT. Not a convicted killer.

That said, when so-called “law enforcement” (who are sworn to “protect and serve” and who also took an oath to defend the US Constitution) starts acting more like LA street gangs than LA peace officers by self-declaring themselves as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner (murderer) of UNIDENTIFIED suspects as well as the attempted murder of innocent, UNRELATED civilians…

Then I only have one thing to say to these so-called “law enforcement” officials:

If you choose to go down the road of vigilantism and murder, you – and your families – should fully expect to receive no less than that which you bring upon yourselves. In America there are still those who do not take Nazi-like jack-booted armed thugs lightly, whether it comes in the form of ‘Urban’ street gangs or state-sanctioned Neanderthals sporting a badge.  You – as peace officers – are NOT above the law. You are not – regardless of what you think – the LAW. You are SERVANTS of the law. Remember your oath and execute your duties justly under that oath; or stand down lest you be removed from your position – peaceably or otherwise.

The law demands it. And ultimately, the people will enforce the law if you will not.

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