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The Do-Gooder Retail Revolt


Back during  Thanksgiving, some retail stores decided to change their hours of operation to be open earlier… to be open on Thanksgiving Day in fact. Ah, the gnashing of teeth, the production of bile that change incurred!

Those ever present do-gooders didn’t like someone having to work, or someone getting to shop for that matter. They condemned the stores for making the retail clerks work when the do-gooders thought they should get to stay home and eat or go watch a parade.

Ah, the thought process of the do-gooder. Ever they seek to do-good at someone else’s expense but, more importantly, without thought of what they are asking.

They don’t want people to work retail on Thanksgiving. How nice. One can only suppose they don’t care about other people who are working, just retail. But let us presume they don’t want anyone to work. Everyone should get to do what they wish, so long as it is not work.

Let us start with the truck drivers. Would the do-gooders fly them home from wherever they are, for the weekend? How about police; would they let them all off?  And the prison guards and cooks? What of utility workers? Do the people at Duke Power get to shut the plant down and go home? What of restaurant employees? Some stay open and do a booming business on Thanksgiving.

I’ll make this short. The do-gooders needed something to talk about, but, as usual, all their talk does is remind others that they don’t think.

Happy New Year

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