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Anti-Human Global Warming Alarmists Lack Data


global-warming_2729041bIs there global warming? Does mankind have an influence upon the weather or the climate? If so, how much do man’s actions actually influence the weather? Most importantly; can man, through his actions or in-actions, actually influence the climate in a chosen direction?

The answer to the first question is yes. The Earth has been warming for thousands of years in fact, since the depths of the most recent ice age. Oceans, which at one time were 250 feet lower than they are now, have risen as glaciers and ice packs have receded. This has been the history of the Pliocene-Quaternary glaciation, which began about 2.58 million years ago. Since then, ice packs and glaciers have grown and retreated on a 40,000 and 100,000 year time frame, generally reflecting the Milankovitch theory.

Obviously mankind has not been influencing the advance and retreat of these ice packs. We haven’t been around that long. Something else caused both the advances and retreats long before man came on the scene. Even today, as the glaciers and ice packs continue to melt, the oceans are rising at the rapid rate of between 1.3 and 2.6 millimeters per year, depending upon whose research you reference. So in 100 years we can expect the ocean levels to rise about 7 inches.

However, whether or not the earth is actually continuing to warm is still up for debate. Dr. Roy Spencer, a climatologist with the University of Huntsville, AL maintains a website which shows a record of the variances of the average earth temperature, based on satellite observations, using an average based on the temperatures from 1981 to 2010. These satellite observations show a relatively stable temperature variance for the past 15 years after showing an earlier rise. This is true even though the CO2 in the atmosphere has been steadily increasing.

This is important because those who postulate mankind’s influence on the climate have condemned CO2 produced by man’s actions as a bad thing. As CO2 is one of the main results of burning coal and oil mined from the earth, then by association, those actions which use coal and oil must also be bad. But if CO2 is the cause of temperature increases, why has the temperature not continued to go up even as CO2 in the atmosphere has continued to increase? Rationales abound, but none of the dire predictions of the true believers showed anything but continued temperature increases coinciding with increasing CO2. Obviously the predictions are wrong. What should then be asked is: if the predictions are wrong, why are they wrong? One answer is that the predictions were designed to show that increasing CO2 caused higher temperatures. So increasing CO2 levels would, by the math of the predicting algorithm, produce higher temperatures. This would occur according to the math, even if CO2 levels have little to do with the science or nature of what the temperature is. Which is it?

It is obvious that mankind can influence the temperature, many things do. If we cut down a tree, there is some influence. If we build a road or a house or an office park or a car factory, there is an influence. But is that influence large enough to change the direction of the earth’s climate?

The last 2.58 million years have been a continuous ice age with advancing and retreating ice sheets. So long as any ice remains on Antarctica or the Arctic, we are technically still in an ice age. If the oceans continue to rise, if the ice all melts, the oceans will come up another 50 meters. Do we think that is what is going to happen? Do we believe that mankind is so influential that he can stop the ice from melting? Can mankind control the weather or the climate?

From a different perspective, we know the oceans are rising but when Katrina almost destroyed New Orleans, a city built on ocean front property, in some places below sea level, should it have been rebuilt? When VP Dick Cheney said not to rebuild New Orleans he was decried by the leftists and the media, the same people who tell us the oceans are rising and we should be afraid and do something about it. That would have been forward thinking, with consideration of a warming planet and a rising ocean. But the screaming media cried out in horror. We’re assured the oceans are rising but are supposed to do nothing except stop burning coal and oil? Is that it? Will installing solar panels on good farm land stop the oceans from inundating New Orleans?

It seems the glaciers and ice packs are slowly continuing to melt. At the rate they are melting it will take another 20,000 years for the earth to be ice free and the oceans will be 50 meters higher than they are today.

The question remains can mankind do something to halt this process? What? Install solar panels and stop producing CO2, which doesn’t seem to have much effect on global temperature?

Should we stop building near the ocean in fear of what is going to happen 1,000 or 10,000 years from now, if ever? Or should we pretend that we are going to stop the oceans from rising by installing solar panels?

More important to me is the result of the actions proposed by the so-called ‘environmentalists’. (I now call them the anti-industrialists or anti-humans.) In order to stop the oceans from rising, in order to make them recede, the earth will have to be colder than it is now. If it is colder then we can expect longer winters, more snow and ice, a shorter growing season for crops.

We live in what is called the south of the United States. The last frost in the piedmont is about April 15th and the first frost about October 15th. That gives us 6 months of growing season, only ½ of a year. It seems the anti-humans think that is too long and that we need more snow and ice.

I disagree completely. I think we need a longer growing season and if by dumping CO2 into the atmosphere we can possibly make it longer, then I say burn more coal and oil.

For those of you interested in more reading on the head in the sand thoughts of the anti-humans, see this link.

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