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Danny Fontana is an award-winning television and radio host, author, public speaker and founder/Senior Partner of Triune Capital Advisors. He hosts the Danny Fontana Show, which is broadcast to a national audience via the iLifetv television network and on the Charis Radio Network that he founded in 2003. Danny is currently in his second year as a weekly contributor to the Fox Business Network, and provides analysis on a recurring basis to “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Network. In 1994 Danny gained national attention for his award-winning Business Beat series that he hosted from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He was back in the national spotlight again in 2004 with a series of interviews from the National Rethink conference featuring Lou Holtz, Kathy Ireland, Ben Vereen, Chuck Colson, George Foreman, and several other A-list names from Hollywood and beyond. In 2002, Danny left a seven-figure annual salary as Managing Director at the fourth largest US bank to found Triune Capital Advisors. In 2007 Triune Capital Advisors was named one of the 20 Fastest Growing Financial Institutions in the banking hub of Charlotte, NC, and Fontana was awarded a 2008 Top Financial Leader honor by Charlotte Business Leader magazine. Danny has authored two books, Waking up to Wall Street and A Christian’s Guide to Investing. The latter earned top ten ranking on’s Faith and Values category, and was the catalyst to a successful national publicity tour. Danny lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and has five grandchildren.

Clear As Mud

The Daily Diatribe: I thought transparency was supposed to be the new buzzword on Wall Street. After last week’s 1,000 point, 20-minute meltdown, one would have thought that we would have already captured the culprit, doused him or her in tar and feathers, and gotten about our business. Instead, the SEC, lead by Sheila Bair, […]

May 11, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana,National | Read More »

Muscle Memory

The Daily Diatribe: The Greek debt situation is conjuring up some serious muscle memory for me.  To those of you asleep for the last three years, you will not recognize the European financial crisis currently underway. It is widely accepted that Greece may default on its sovereign debt unless the EU bails them out. Sound […]

May 6, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

Don’t Knock Opportunity

The Daily Diatribe: How does one recognize an opportunity in the stock market? I actually think that it is pretty easy to do, but equally hard to capitalize on. The opportunity would exist when nobody wants to buy a stock. For example, with all of the problems going on in Greece, it would be hard […]

May 3, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

SEC Porn Patrol

The Daily Diatribe:  The Securities and Exchange Commission, the government agency charged with being the financial industry watchdog, was tainted with scandal last week when it was discovered that, during the financial meltdown of the last few years, several of their senior managers were surfing porn sites on the internet. The media loves this story. […]

April 26, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana,National | Read More »

Gordon Gekko Redux

Capitalism without greed is a carnival without a roller-coaster.  To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, the villainous Wall Street investor portrayed by Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street,” greed is good. Now,  I can hear every liberal in America screaming their condemnation, especially in light of the Goldman-Sachs allegations, but hear me out before you misinterpret […]

April 23, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

Gambling Vs. Investing

After 27 years in the investment business, I can tell you that most folks don’t know the difference between gambling and investing. Indeed, most folks think investing is gambling and I can tell you that, having watched people invest improperly over the years, the way they do it is gambling. The difference between the two […]

April 12, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

The Daily Diatribe: The flap over the Texas School Board and its positions on capitalism, creationism, free enterprise and the like is giving the liberals in the media a field day. In a recent Wall Street Journal, an opinion piece written by Thomas Frank opines that the school  board is a bunch of bullies intent […]

April 8, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

Make Mine Medium Rare

The Daily Diatribe: In the world of investing, the easiest thing in the world, as a salesman, is to appeal to somebody’s greed. You have all received a phone call in which some stockbroker sitting in a sweatshop in lower Manhattan offers you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a golden […]

April 7, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

Grossed Out

The Daily Diatribe: Bill Gross, Pimco’s Chief Investment Officer, on CNBC today said that stock and bond returns will be below normal for years. Calling it the “new normal”, Gross could not be more wrong. Whenever I hear phrases like “the new normal, or “it’s different this time”, I lick my chops. First of all, […]

April 6, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana,House Blends | Read More »

Under The Bus

The Daily Diatribe: Rio Tinto, the Australian mining company, shamed itself by firing its top iron salesman to China along with three former Chinese colleagues moments after they were convicted by a Chinese court for bribery. Whether or not the men were guilty begs the question. The Chinese court system, long known, for being kangaroo […]

March 30, 2010 | Posted in Danny Fontana | Read More »

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