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Sunshine And Socialists


“Old time” Democrats live by the idea that Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the nation by creating social programs to save the poor from the Great Depression. Those Democrats are having a difficult time understanding why Roosevelt’s reputation isn’t glorified by all Americans. They are also watching their Democrat Party evolve into a blatant anti-American, global revolutionary welfare party. They are wondering why our country cannot get on its economic feet under the stewardship of their Chosen One, President Barack Obama.

Those “old time” Democrats have relied on information that did not bring them the full truth behind Roosevelt’s motives, his connections, and his commitment to Socialism.

One of the legs of the Roosevelt platform was Social Security, which now has an unfunded liability of nearly $15 trillion and growing. What Roosevelt started is now part of what is bankrupting America. When that program and the country collapse, will you think of FDR as a hero or a destructive Socialist?  What is the price of that to your children?

The title of his New Deal was deliberately chosen so as not to alert the public to its Socialist ideology. Roosevelt dared not call his programs “Socialist” because he knew the American public would rebel against them. “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down” comes to mind. “Cloaks and daggers” also comes to mind.

The very wealthy Roosevelt family, with two Presidents to its name, was well connected to Fabian Socialism. FDR was close friends with H.G. Wells, one of the more famous Fabians. His economic advisor, Stuart Chase, was a Fabian who wrote a book called “The New Deal,” which originated the phrase. He followed the economic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, another Fabian Socialist.

The Fabian Socialist Society was formed in Great Britain the same year as Karl Marx’s death, 1884. Not wishing to see Marxism fail, they decided to take a new approach to implement Marx’s Global Communism. They continue to exist today under various organizations such as the Democratic Socialist Party, the Communist Party, George Soro’s Open Society, and thousands more. They infiltrated American universities and government agencies and more. They now own the Democrat Party in the United States. They are known for such elitist control policies as eugenics, economic redistribution of wealth, evolution/Darwinism, central planning, control of the masses, and the like. They use governments and money to create power structures and manipulate populations.

Fabian Socialists in Europe in the early stages preferred the name Progressives, but in the U.S. the socialists took the name Liberal … that is until Liberal became unpopular, so they have now also picked up the “Progressive” label. The word Progressive is supposed to make you think Progressives are forward thinking, however, their basic ideology is nothing more than Marxism from the 1800’s re-branded. No matter if you use the word Democratic Liberal or Democratic Progressive, the true definition is Marxist Socialist.

The Democrat Party has now become the Socialist Party, for all intents and purposes. They are more brazenly proud of this as time goes on. And the sooner the public realizes that fact, the more realistic our national debate can become. And the sooner the public realizes that Socialism is Marx’s stepping stone to Communism, the destroyer of American prosperity, the clearer our debate will be. Hopefully, before the nation is lost to the Fabian Socialists, we will have an opportunity to choose to be Americans again.

Obama was elected with the backing of the Fabian Socialists. His main funding source is George Soros, who also backs Hilary Clinton, a “proud Progressive.” Besides Obama and Clinton, our Congress now openly claims 80+ members of Socialist and Communist organizations. The Progressive Democrats of America claims six House members; the Congressional Progressive Caucus claims 74 House members; the Congressional Black Caucus claims 43 House members, while the Democratic Socialists of America claim all of the above. These people have the keys to our Treasury, our White House, our State Department, and our Justice system.

The Fabians have cleverly co-opted blacks in the United States to further their central planning power. “Equal” rights is a total contradiction to Fabian Socialism. Instead they use the sugarcoated phrase, “Social Justice,” using laws to funnel money to and promote special classes of people. By pitting economic and racial classes against each other, the Fabians gain more and more power as the public looks to central government to fix the class problems the government created in the first place. (This is one of Marx’s tools to take power.)

Using the civil rights movement and affirmative action, Socialists have ironically put blacks in the position of promoting inequality by government fiat. The purpose of this is merely to tear down the “equal rights guaranteed by God” of the U.S. Constitution. That’s all it is. It isn’t some altruistic reparations idea based on white guilt. It is a tool to make people dependent on government programs and central planning. It is a way to make minorities dependent on Fabian Socialist government programs and, at the same time, make other classes of people pay for this, just as Roosevelt made the elderly dependent on labor contributions of the younger workers.

The ensuing resentment from this causes inner strife and destroys cohesion between citizens and, eventually, destroys the United States Constitution. The more resentment, the less cohesion, the sooner the country collapses, the more people look to the central planners, the sooner the Fabian Socialists take over. “Unlike Marx’s open and violent revolutionary agenda, the Fabian’s agenda was to quietly infiltrate and re-direct established governments.”

As Margaret Thatcher once wisely said, “Socialism is just great, but eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Probably the most effective tool of the Fabian Socialists is to bankrupt a country in order to step in and take power. Unfunded liability for the Prescription Drug Bill stands at $19 Trillion; for Medicare it is $77 Trillion. I’d say they have been very successful in bankrupting the United States.

One important note, at this point: There are Republican Progressives thrown into our political midst today, as well. They are no better for America and must be exposed. It is vital to research each candidate and not vote for a Party label.

Why does this matter? It matters because your children have had their future stolen. It matters because Socialism is completely antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. Socialism is un-American at its very core. The United States has always been a thorn in the side of the Fabians. Our Constitution, in which God grants rights to the people, is against the Socialist mindset. The Socialist believes only the State/central government has the right to control the lives of the people.

It matters because the Democrat Party has been so successful at forming Socialist planks in our government that they no longer can cloak their Socialist ideology with euphemisms without the public catching on. It’s right out there for the public to see, plain as day.

It matters because you can’t debate sugarcoated rhetorical pretenses, but now you can debate the reality of who and what the Democrat Party has become; and you can connect the Democrat Party with the global Socialists who are funding them, since their sources have been exposed.

I love clarity. I love sunlight. I love seeing reality instead of having to dig under layers and layers of subterfuge that confuses the public. This is good for the country. After years and years of under-the-radar infiltration, now we have real contrast and concrete examples in front of us to discuss while choosing the direction of our future, for ourselves and for our children.

It’s important to enlighten the “old time” Democrats so they may better understand why the Democrat Party no longer stands for what they thought it was and does not represent them. Dividing us into classes and victims does not make us a stronger country or society. The Democrat Party is not a champion of the people, the poor, the elderly, or the disenfranchised, but a stooge for global Socialism by Fabian Socialists who wish to control the resources of the world, with the United States fast becoming a ripened plum to be picked due to the economic failures of our leadership.

Being American means trusting in and reestablishing the U.S. Constitution and rejecting the Fabian Global Socialists who wish to destroy America. It means rejecting the handouts of dependency from rampant, out-of-control Socialists, who use that dependency to control your life. It also means that towns, counties, and states need to return to their autonomy, rejecting the Federal handouts and programs with strings attached. It means taking a hard look at the consequences of Socialist policies.

The way forward is clear, the choices are clear; the disastrous policies of the Progressives are in plain sight for all to see. Let the sun keep shining!


Cheryl Pass writes at My Tea Party Chronicle.

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