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Law And Disorder; UPDATE – Jackson Cops Plea


WBTV is reporting that former CMPD Detective Arvin Fant – he of the plagiarized, lost and destroyed notes that deep-sixed the death penalty in the trial of convicted cop-killer Demeatrius Montgomery – has been suspended without pay, pending a termination hearing before the Civil Service Board.

Meanwhile, former rouge cop Marcus Jackson is due in court this afternoon to enter a plea on eight counts of sexual battery. Jackson, who has been in jail since his arrest last December, is accused of sexually assaulting women, while on duty with the CMPD, after pulling them over for traffic violations.

UPDATE: No shocker here. Jackson enters a guilty plea and snags what can only be considered a sweet deal – 25 to 39 months in jail versus a possible sentence of 28 years if he had rolled the dice with a trial.

But that was almost a non-starter from the beginning, not with the city on the line with so much at stake. Indeed, the only folks possibly breathing easier than Jackson after his plea-deal are CMPD brass, city legal eagles and head-in-the-sand councilmembers, who still refuse to press for a full review of the Jackson debacle and what led to it.

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