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The North Carolina Association of Educators has kept busy this year organizing rallies and lobbying efforts to protest education cuts in the state’s budget, gnashing teeth about the potential impact on teacher salaries.

At the same time, the North Carolina Association of Educators has also kept busy lining its own pockets, a trend that dates back nearly a decade, leading the Civitas Institute’s Bob Luebke to rightfully wonder for whose interests the NCAE is fighting: the NCAE or the teachers it supposedly represents.

Consider this as you weigh the answer. From 2006 to 2009, NCAE executive salary and compensation packages increased 24 percent, while at the same time the average compensation packages for NCAE teachers increased 12 percent. Meanwhile, the NCAE’s staff increased from 86 to 135.

And about those executive compensation packages, there are some whoppers. The average rolls in at nearly $180,000 a year. Some of the bigger ones include Executive Director Scott Anderson, $229,120; Associate Executive Kelvin Spragley, $190,360; Communications Manager Jacqueline Vaughan, $183,738; and Vice President Rodney Ellis, $171,362.

NCAE executive staffers, of course, aren’t the only ones benefiting from the group’s largess. Democrat politicians have also reaped huge reward, and in staggering disproportion to their Republican counterparts. Civitas reports that last year the NCAE contributed $172,950 to candidates. Of that total, Democrat candidates received $170,650; Republican candidates, $2,300.

Imagine that.

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