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Teachers Group More Concerned About Money Than Kids


Recent stories have informed the public about the politically unhealthy relationship between Democrats and the North Carolina Association of Educators. Knowing no more than what is reported, one can only wonder about why the state payroll system would be making deductions for membership in any group that is not part of the state.

In the case of the NCAE, there seems to be good reason for stopping the deductions; the NCAE is focused on political action harming those with whom they disagree. As those the NCAE intends to harm are elected representatives of the people of North Carolina, those in harms way have good reason to protect themselves. More than that, after looking at the NCAE’s website, it is obvious the NCAE is focused on harming the average taxpayer for the group’s own benefit.

Stopping automatic deductions is not a big deal in one respect; if people want to pay the money, the Internet has many ways to make it a very simple process. Yet the members of the NCAE act as if the Republicans and Democrats who voted to change this law have committed some crime. They’re going to sue the state to try to keep automatic deductions, so it must be a big deal. Certainly it is a big deal, just like payroll and income taxes are a big deal.

If the state and fed let you have your money instead of taking it out of your check before you get your hands on it, you’d be less inclined to let them have so much of it. The same will be true of the NCAE. They will have members stop donating money to the cause of electing Democrats to office who are beholding to the NCAE.  It is about political power and economic gain.

The NCAE lobbies for higher taxes on the average taxpayer so they can get paid better than the taxpayer gets paid.

This is why employees of government should not be unionized nor have any organization that is political in nature, because they are employees of the people while the unions are enemies of the people.

Thank Thom Tillis and associates.

Keep up the good work.

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