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Romney Slips In Battleground Polls


Will someone please poke me when the Mitt Romney campaign for president begins, please. Seriously, has anyone else begun to get a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach about the upcoming election.

Three and a half years of Obamanomics has resulted in an economy swirling down the toilet. Millions of Americans are out of work. Millions of Americans have simply stopped looking for work. Millions of Americans have decided that disability is a much more reliable income source than working. Gasoline prices are through the roof. Groceries cost more than ever. Taxes are being increased day after day.

And yet Barack Obama’s numbers are up. So very sad and so very true. Not that long ago Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were in a statistical tie in a number of battleground states. As of today, Obama now has a lead in each of those states. The polls show Obama beating Romney by more than five points in these states. This is a fight for the future of the country. I sure hope that Romney shows up for it.


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