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NAACP Pushing Lies And Hustling Hate In Attack On McCrory


One must always cower before the all-knowing leaders of the NAACP. One must not dare to confront them or object to their demands; else fire and brimstone will erupt from the mouths of their preachers. How do we know? Because every time someone is so bold as to vary from the group’s demands, he is castigated. The process is a veritable burning at the stake, a political hanging if you will.

Once again I find myself defending Pat McCrory, this time from the religious leaders of the NAACP. McCrory had opined that colleges should focus on curriculum that – gasp! – provides better opportunity for graduates to find gainful employment. The right Reverend Barber and Dr. Tyson take exception to Gov. McCrory’s statement about college degrees and so castigate him. The Observer, ever obsequious to the demands of the radical left, African-American leftists, and the racists hiding behind the name NAACP, prints their tirade.

Governor McCrory didn’t sneer, but he is accused of it. In doing so the racist leaders of the NAACP associate him with “race-baiting Gov. Eugene Talmadge.” McCrory has never shown any tendency of racism; if he had, he would have been ruined in Charlotte politics. But that doesn’t stop the lies, which seem to be the first line of attack when anyone dare say something that black socialists disagree with. McCrory is the one they are attacking, but they associate him with things the interviewer said in times past. Great. Guilt by association. I suppose that is taught in seminary school. Perhaps it is something found in the Bible; I suppose they could quote Jesus as saying something like ‘smite your brother’s brother, for he gave sustenance to a wicked man’. That is what we have come to expect from the leaders of the NAACP: fire, brimstone, and damnation if you don’t agree with them. And the left wing press licks the spittle from their lips.

The Barber Brigade asserts that, “Many Tar Heels found McCrory’s crass remarks about higher education unsettling.” No, what we find unsettling is the undue stupidity and meanness used by those who defend the uselessness and excessive debt of a college education, which far too often has been sold on the misguided mantra of it being the only way to get ahead in life. In pointing out the error of that common lie, McCrory is attacked.

Why don’t the proponents of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on administrative heavy colleges just say, “Go to college for a liberal education, get in debt, make good grades and see what kind of job you can find”? Is this what Dr. Tyson and Rev. Barber recommend for the youth of America? Get in debt and hope?

Maybe the opportunity to be a preacher, and take from others just for talking and calling people racist, is a growing business. It must be lucrative, there are too many people doing it. Does it have a quota? Are white people allowed to get those jobs? Or is it a closed shop, and white people need not apply.

I could go on, and will. The wicked and evil Dr. Tyson and Rev. Barber bring up historic Birmingham, Alabama, and the Klan in their continued assault upon the Governor of all the people of North Carolina. They say some people in North Carolina live lives approaching Third World poverty. Yet it seems Barber spends the bulk of his time and energy criticizing those who might help those poor people, it being obvious the NAACP intends to do nothing to help them. No, the NAACP has evolved into a business whose sole function is to perpetuate and pay the bureaucracy and leaders of the organization. It is no longer an organization for Advancement but an organization of hate. How do we know? We read and listen to the words of its leaders.

One of the retorts in their tirade penned for the uptown paper implores: “If we can embrace tolerance…..” What a joke. After being completely intolerant and distorting the truth, the Rev. Barber and Dr. Tyson of the NAACP use the word tolerance. They don’t know what the word means but, obviously as taught in their seminary school of hate, use the word to deflect from everything they just said.

Governor McCrory was correct. In the past few decades people have been told ‘you must go to college to get ahead in life.’ If getting ahead means deep in debt with no good job prospects, then going to college is often the thing to do. But with colleges adding layers of administrative positions that have nothing to do with the student’s education, positions such as ‘director of tolerance and diversity’, positions whose sole function is to keep the NAACP quiet, students increase their costs with no real benefit.

Truth in advertising would tell students there are not enough jobs for all the graduates, so be careful in why you are making your decision to go to college. Students instead are told that everyone must go to college to do well. What a lie. And it turns out the NAACP is part of that lie. So what are they telling young black men and women? Go to college, get in debt and with some luck, you’ll get a job. Better to tell them the truth. College is no longer a sure path to a good job. In fact, having a Masters in business administration has become so common, it is no longer a magic cure-all for job security. But the colleges still charge for a piece of paper as if it were gold, even though the only gold is for the colleges.

No, colleges have become like public schools: heavy on administration, not enough focus on the classroom and student; expensive, and not always worthy of the cost.

All Pat McCrory did was speak that truth.

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