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I spent a large chunk of last week in our nation’s capital, where the rhetorical hysteria and panic over sequester reached a fevered pitch as the deadline neared (and, it should be noted, passed with the same doomsday impact as the Mayan Apocalypse). But national pols, of course, weren’t alone in their dramas of doom.

Closer to home, Mayor Anthony Foxx, a close ally of King Obama I, was doing his best to spin fear mongering into political gold, ignoring facts or simply making them up as he went along. One of his biggest whoppers came during an appearance on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, where Foxx warned that Charlotte might have to hike taxes to counter sequester fallout, including among other horrors a $4 million cut to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

“We might have to, it depends,” Foxx said about the potential for a city tax hike. “Obviously we’ll have to think about it.”

Which is odd, considering the city doesn’t actually fund CMS, which largely draws its revenues from county, state and federal coffers. Even odder is that Foxx’s warning, made to a national TV audience, explicitly contradicted CMS’ own assessment of potential sequester budgetary disaster.

“It won’t affect us this school year because our budget is already set and money for it allocated,” Superintendent Heath Morrison wrote in a memo last Friday to CMS employees. “It will probably affect us next year, however, although CMS staff has been planning for a federal reduction. We anticipated a possible decrease in federal funding even before the sequester.”

Guess Foxx missed that memo. Or just doesn’t care, as long as his ability to distort reality serves a political purpose.

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