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Overview of Winter RNC Outcomes


Friday, the RNC passed a packet of sweeping rule amendments. There were 9 votes against. All other committee members’ votes went in favor of the rule changes, as the votes in opposition were subtracted from the entire number of committee members in order to calculate the affirmative vote total.

From witness accounts, the opposition votes were: Virginia committee members Morton Blackwell, Pat Mullins, and Kathy Terry, Ashley Ryan of Maine, Tamara Scott of Iowa, Marti Halverson of Wyoming, Diana Orrock of Nevada (by proxy), Mike Kopp of Colorado (by proxy), Chanel Prunier of Massachusetts, and Ed Martin of Missouri. The witness count makes 10 votes in opposition; however, there were only 9 opposition votes announced by Chairman Reince Priebus. Witnesses speculate that perhaps Mike Kopp’s vote went unnoticed, as the proxy remained seated during the vote while raising the proxy card.

The changes implemented amount to another step in the RNC effort to abolish a representative republic-structured party in favor of the implementation of a centralized, top-down decision making structure. The following link is my prior report on the packet of amendments:

Of note: A couple of minor changes were made to the packet prior to passage. The changes include a clarification on the 50/20% rule, specifying that the method of proportionality may be applied to district-level proportionality in addition to statewide proportionality, as well as an amendment allowing for states to receive a waiver on new election timing guidelines if they are controlled by a non-Republican legislature, preventing the state from changing its election law.


Bryan Daugherty of Maine and Committeewoman Diana Orrock of Nevada

On a more positive note, the RNC finally passed the Resolution to Renounce the National Security Agency’s Surveillance Program. Thank you goes to Bryan Daugherty of Maine for crafting this resolution, and thank you to Committeewoman Diana Orrock of Nevada for sponsoring the resolution for hearing.

After the resolution was blocked in a closed-press meeting of the RNC Resolutions Committee months earlier, Committeewoman Orrock secured enough cosponsors prior to the winter meeting to bypass the Resolutions Committee entirely, ensuring that it would be brought directly before the body of the RNC for a public hearing. The cosponsors of the resolution are as follows: James Smack NCM-NV, Linda Herren NCW-GA, Ed Martin Chairman-MO, Marti Halverson NCW-WY, Vicki Drummond NCW-AL, Betti Hill NCW-MT, Bruce Ash NCM-AZ, Melody Potter NCW-WV, Ashley Ryan NCW-ME, Glenn McCall NCM-SC, Steve Scheffler NCM-IA, Shawn Steel NCM-CA, Peter Goldberg Chairman-AK, Pat Longo NCW-CT, Dave Agema NCM-MI, and Peggy Lambert NCW-TN.

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