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A Tale of Two Sheriff Candidates


Mecklenburg County has two candidates for sheriff. Both seem qualified according to their resumes but there are some critical differences.

Irwin Carmichael is a well spoken lifetime bureaucrat with the sheriff’s office who aspires to the top paying, best retirement available position. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at Don Reid’s breakfast recently and learned a few things.

He is white and a Democrat and seems to believe the sheriff’s office is running fine. I take exception to that; believing it has grown too much and is over-staffed. Anyway, my one question was: Does the sheriff’s office need a SWAT team? (link) His answer was yes with two rationalizations. The first has to do with responding to prisoner violence the other was some talk about the 15,000 contraband confiscations made at the courthouse. Now he didn’t elaborate on the second subject but is he saying that the SWAT team is needed to quell those who object to the taking away of their pocket knives at the courthouse?

That was enough for me: Another bureaucrat looking for a better retirement at the expense of the taxpayer. He is a Democrat by nature not simply because that is the best way to get elected in Mecklenburg.

The next week Chris Hailey comes to Don’s Breakfast. He is a: a black Republican. Asked about the SWAT team his immediate answer was NO, the sheriff’s office doesn’t need a SWAT team. CMPD has one; that is enough for the area. They do need a prisoner response team, but that is not the same thing. Asked why he is a Republican he answered that he had a professor in college who was a black Republican and finding that unusual asked him why. The professor made him do some research and Mr. Hailey found that Republican principles are his principles and so became one. He further said that too many black voters are told repeatedly they most vote Democratic, not realizing they are voting against what they truly believe in.

So he is in line with Vince Coakley, trying to serve the people and convince black voters that voting Republican is more in line with their self interest than voting Democratic.

Good Luck to them both.

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