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The BOCC Chairmanship Battle


County Commissioner George Dunlap, once again, impresses the taxpayers with his attitude towards them and the voters.

Peter St. Onge writes in the Charlotte Observer about the minor flap among the Democrats on the county commission, and quotes Mr. Dunlap saying that Ms. Pat Cotham “can’t be trusted” and is a “snitch on the board.” It is simple to know what Mr. Dunlap finds offensive about Ms. Cotham; she shouldn’t oppose what Dunlap wants.  Does he really believe that talking to the press is not something Ms. Cotham should do? Well why not?  The press reports to the people and so it is to the people Ms. Cotham is going. Does Mr. Dunlap believe the people don’t have a right to know? Considering his history with the police department and how they treat the taxpayers who pay their salaries, I suggest his attitude towards the taxpayers is ingrained, if not taught on the job.

Further, Mr. Dunlap’s history reeks with his abuse of those who dare oppose him. When he, and his cohort Ms. Vilma Leake, were on the school board, it was common for them to attack anyone who opposed them by calling them racist. I’m surprised he doesn’t call Ms. Cotham by that epithet. But this is the type behavior we have learned to expect from the Democrats who are elected to the Mecklenburg County Commission. Seriously, the Democrats elect Ms. Vilma Leake, Mr. George Dunlap, and Mr. Dumont Clarke to district seats. Are they really representative of the people of Mecklenburg County? If so, too much is said about the voters who do that. It is enough to make one cynical.

The disagreement Peter St. Onge writes about has to do with who is going to be elected to chair the county commission. Precedent has the candidate with the highest vote count getting the chair, but that is not a legal requirement. The fact that Ms. Cotham didn’t kowtow to Mr. Dunlap’s personal desires seems more important to him. So he proposes Mr. Trevor Fuller be chair. Fine. I think Mr. Fuller is the absolute worst example of a representative we’ve seen in Mecklenburg County in some years. He makes Ms. Leake appear calm and saintly, which is no small feat. Mr. Dunlap also benefits from the comparison. Is that why Dunlap really wants Fuller to be chair?

Be that as it may: I say make Mr. Trevor Fuller the chair. He is of the ilk of Ms. Leake, Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Clarke: a perfect reflection of the Democrats whose votes control the county. He takes the word politician to a new low.

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