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More Police Pretentiousness


One can only guess what the NC Highway Patrol is telling their patrolmen these days or, for that matter, what type person they’re allowing to wear the uniform. I give you this example.

Recently an acquaintance of mine was driving along NC 49 in Cabarrus County. A HP trooper moved into position in front of her and so she followed at a reasonable distance for some time. They were going 61 mph. After a while he moved into the other lane and slowed down. She kept the same speed and passed him. He then fell in behind her, gave her the blue light and pulled her over then cited her for driving 61 in a 55.

She asked him to explain himself. She had not changed speed and was going the same speed he had been going. Patrolman Cook gave her this answer.

“You shouldn’t pass patrol cars. You should stay behind them.”

From this we can guess that Patrolman Cook, that epitome of providing service to the public, gave the lady a ticket because she wasn’t properly obsequious to his existence. His intent was to remind her that he is more important than she is. She is just a taxpaying citizen, he, PATROLMAN COOK, is her superior and she most bow to him.

Is this what we get for our tax dollars? Do we get government employees who think we must bow to them? Patrolman Cook of the NCHP, who prowls the roads of Cabarrus County looking for victims, reminds me to be afraid of the police, not to consider them my friend.

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