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Poverty Center Whining


Hypocrisy by the left has become ubiquitous. How many instances of the left decrying the right for some perceived slight need be listed?

If the right speaks of marriage between a man and woman, the left whines foul. If the right speaks of pipelines for industry, the left whines foul. If the right speaks of lower taxes and less government, the left whines foul. If the right speaks in support of the second amendment, the left whines. If someone questions Anthropogenic Global Warming, the left whines denier.

The left whines about anything which doesn’t suit them. They protest, they boycott, they threaten, they sue, they file regulatory complaints and when the Democrats were in power in the Raleigh, they gave tax money to every left wing advocacy group that could scratch out a request.

Now we hear of the closing of the “Poverty Center” at UNC CH. What a gnashing of teeth. Once again the left whines they are being abused. “You’re stopping free speech!” Victor Flatt and Ryke Longest write: “To close the Poverty Center for this reason endangers the very heart of free speech and legal education, not just in North Carolina, but nationwide.” Where are they when college campuses are rescinding invitations to right wing speakers?

You would think these whiners of the left don’t believe others have the same right to stifle speech as they do.

This is the crux of the situation. The left found that by whining and shouting and threatening and boycotts and lawsuits, they could inflict harm on the right. They are progressives and for them any method used to obtain their ends is acceptable, no matter how despicable. But when the right stifles them, well, that’s just not done.

The fact is, it is very unusual for the right to use these methods. People on the right typically believe in fair play, freedom of speech, and generally, the ideals found in the Declaration of Independence. This leads them to allow others to advocate for what they believe, without interference. The left has come to accept this morality of the right as a truism, and, not being bound to behave the same way, uses their own lack of morality as a way to inflict their beliefs on all.

So the elimination of the Poverty Center has the left whining foul, again and again.They remind me of a toddler whining for candy. Since whining worked in the past, she keep whining and whining until the adult gives in.

Effective parents don’t give in to the toddler, they say no, mean it and stick to it.

I suggest the adults in the state keep on. In fact, do more of it. We will know how well they are doing according to how much noise the left is making. And isn’t it amusing to listen to the left whine about not getting their candy!

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